Handle with love

Yes. We handle each of our creations with love. That’s the only way we know, you see. For us, it is not just the form, shape, and size of our products that shares a major part of our raisin but also the love & passion to craft every single of them. Created with a great deal of attention to detail, they are for a connoisseur like you. Form design board to delivery van, these superlative statements of life style pass through our signature style of working that could be translated in two words – No Compromise. The next pages of this catalogue are a verbo-visual voyage into a mesmerizing world of just handles. Take your pick from this ensemble of aesthetics and fall in love with life all over again.


“My Life is my canvas. My moments are the colors that make up the picture I want to create over it. I will choose the type of magic that each moment will spell over the world.”


Arawali World Wide is a reputed manufacturer exporter and supplier of high quality cabinet handles, glass door handles and door handles accessories, door fittings, glass door knobs, which stand apart for their elegance, design and beauty. These designer door handles and hardware have become hot selling items in door handles Market, in India and abroad. Arawali World Wide enterprise is a forerunner of innovative products line like handles. Now you must wonder why so much pain to make a handle. and we ask you the same question. why not take pain to make the first impression of yours. it’s all about the touch. that eases your mind with an access to the room or a word robe or whatever.